Reddy Compressors is the  leading supplier of Air compressors & air systems for marine and offshore use. The product range consists of screw compressors, dryers and filters for any demand of compressed air, including custom engineered compressors for topside and offshore installations. RC has a wide service, spare part and sales network.

Lubricated Rotary Screw Compressors

Rotary screw technology uses a displacement principle where the screw compression element main parts comprise male and female rotors that move towards each other while the volume between them and the housing decreases.

The pressure ratio of a screw is dependent on the length and profile of the screw and of the form of the discharge port. The screw element is not equipped with any valves and there are no mechanical forces to create any imbalance. It can therefore work at high shaft speed and combine a large flow rate with small exterior dimensions

Portable Compressors

A wide variety of users rely on Reddy  compressors when there is a demand for portable compressed air. Pressures range, depending on the model, from 7 to 24 bar (101 to 350 psi).The whole range consists of over 30 models, there is a model to suit any application, from the smallest single axle model, powering a single pneumatic tool, through to the innovative Turboscrew range of machines. All models have easy access for operation and routine maintenance as standard across the range with well located control panels and simple lift off canopies or large access doors.

High Pressure Solutions

Our high pressure reciprocating solutions are leaders within the industries they serve.The quality and engineering excellence built into each compressor unit allows our products to stand up and perform in even the harshest, most hostile and demanding of environments.We specialise in the compression of air or gases via reciprocating units for pressures up to 600 bar offering a wide range of different flow rates. Its safe to say our product range makes us a leader in a highly specialised and sophisticated field of engineering.