The silent series is a Super Silent Air Compressors with a sound proof acoustic enclosure. It offers a cost effective and perfect solution to the problem of noise pollution. The advanced acoustic engineering employed in attenuating noise also saves on the expenses for building up a separate room for the Air Compressor

The meticulously designed and CNC (Amada) Turret punch press and hydraulic press brake manufactured body constructed from folded sections is rigid in form and aesthetic in looks. The weatherproof enclosure is corrosion resistant and is made out of cold rolled steel duly surface treated, phosphated and finally powder coated long lasting finish.

Exhaust System – Noise Suppressor:

(Residential Silencer):

Absorption type non-resistance Residential Silencer insulated from inside with mineral wool is provided to suppress exhaust  noise from the engine.


High Density fire retardant/ non-ligniting and noise reduction type Acoustic Foam or Resin Bonded Rockwool of suitable density properly covered with Fibrecloth / tissue and perforated sheet is properly clamped on all doors, roof and sides of the enclosure to absorb noise.

Ventilation System:

A suitably designed Draught Ventilation System is incorporated & Wherever necessary axial blower is provided.

Vibration Insulation:

Specially designed shock mounts for vibration insulation mounted between enclosure base and feet of engine and alternator. Control Panel.

Built in Fuel Tank:

Reddy Compressors have unique ”Built in Fuel Tank” which provides absolute safety protection and long hours of uninterrupted and continuous AIr. A special fuel gauge is also provided for monitoring the fuel level. (Fuel Tank Capacity will be for 8 to 12 hours running of Air Compressor)

Performance Parameters:

The average sound level when measured in green field at 1 metre distance from all four sides is less than 75db (A) average, as per CPCB norms.The average stabilized hot air temperature rise within the canopy near suction air filter is maintained within 7°C over and above ambient temperature Maximum utilization of resources to Increase productivity.


We can achieve excellent performance from a Electric and Die sel Driven Air Compressors set, if proper care is taken during its installation. (The following suggestions shall help you to achieve optimum performance from the Air Compressor)


Please always sign the report made by our Service Engineer.

For more detail of installation, commissioning and trouble shooting, please click here..

  •   Selection of site
  •   Foundation Details and guidelines
  •  Earthing System
  •  Exhaust Piping
  •  Fuel Piping
  •  Hose Pipe
  • Battery Charging Procedure
  • Sump Capacity(Liters)
  • Check up Before starting the  Air Compressor
  •  Pre-Commissioning Check
  • Routine Check Points

Do’s & Don’t’s:

  • Trouble Shooting – Engine
  • Trouble Shooting Chart : Compressor
  • Trouble Shooting Guide For Manual Panel
  • Trouble Shooting Guide For AMF Panel