A complete range of portable screw compressors Reliability, easy maintenance and flexibility are the main characteristics of CP compressors. The range features robust designs, with powerful engines from well-known, well-respected brands, tough and sound-proof canopy. They are easy to move and therefore ideally suited for construction & mining sites. Ideal for rugged applications, CP Portable compressors are the best partners for your pneumatic tools.

Rotary screw compressors Chicago Pneumatic is a leader in the design and manufacture of industrial compressors, including tank-mounted and dryer versions.

CPM Series:

A small, powerful machine featuring the components of larger compressors.
Specification of tank-mounted:

Model Pressure (BAR G)HPKwM3/HRCFMdb(A)Weight in Kg.L W H in mm
CPM 3103214861TM : 175 TMD : 209
CPM41043191161TM : 175 TMD : 209
CPM510542814762TM : 176 TMD : 210
CPM7107.55.5362165TM : 182 TMD : 216TM/TMD:1420 X 550 X1280

CPA Series:

Tank Mounted Air Compressors / Floor Mounted / Tank Mounted With Dryer Technical Data:

Pressure (BAR G)HPKwM3/HR CFMdb(A)Weight in Kg.
`7-107.55.5`51-38`30-2268FM:195 TM:695 TMD:725
`7-10-13107.5`70-60-47`42-35-2868FM:215 TM:715 TMD:740
`7-10-131511`99-84-73`58-50-4368FM:230 TM:730 TMD:765
`7-10-132015`120-107-88`71-63-5268FM:235 TM:735 TMD:770FM : 965 x 617 x 1040 TM/TMD : 1925 x 617 x 1640

CPB Series: High-efficiency compression system:

The two asymmetric rotors, which are equal in diameter, are mounted on high-quality, low-wear bearings. The high degree of pressure seal and very fine tolerances reached by the rotors are guaranteed even in low-power operations.

ModelPressure (BAR G)HPKwM3/HRCFMdb(A)Weight in Kg.L W H in mm
CPB 20 `8-10-132015`143-127-99`84-75-5872380
CPB 25`8-10-132518.5`178-165-129`105-97-7672420
CPB 30 `8-10-133022`216-194-143 `127-114-8472435
CPB 40 `8-10-134030`255-209-182 `150-123-107734401300 X 775 X 1190

CPC Series:

Rotary screw air compressors which offer high efficiency and reliability, electric motor, asynchronous, three-phase, class F standard..

ModelPressure (BAR G)HPKwM3/HRCFMdb(A) Weight in Kg.L W H in mm
CPC 40`7-10-134030`320-259-208 `191-152-12373695
CPC 50`7-10-135037`378-332-255`225-196-150 73715
CPC 60`7-10-136045`467-409-343`275-240-20273790
CPC 75`7-10-137555`519-488-385`306-275-227 738151590 X 1100 X 1715