200-250kW / 250-450hp  |  200-350kW / 250-500hp 2stg  |  190-225kW / 250-300hp 2stg VSD:

Ingersoll Rand large rotary screw air compressors are available with low maintenance single-stage or two-stage air ends. Standard low-sound enclosures keep noise levels to a minimum. You can count on Ingersoll Rand large rotary screw compressors for years of dependable operation no matter what size your operation

Ingersoll Rand 190-350 kW (250-450 hp) rotary screw air compressors offer the very best of time-proven designs and technologies with new, advanced features to ensure the highest levels of reliability, efficiency and productivity. You can count on Innersole Rand large rotary screw compressors for years of dependable operation.

Maximum efficiency at virtually any load Trouble-free single-stage and two-stage air ends require minimal maintenance Standard low-sound enclosures keep noise levels to a minimum Energy saving control system monitors the compressor’s operation and automatically optimizes performance to your system’s needs.

200-250KW / 250-450HP:

Looking for a rugged and reliable air compressor? Then look no further than Ingersoll Rand’s SSR/M Series of rotary air compressors. With our integral gear drivetrain, Intellisys control system, and 8000 hour coolant, this is a compressor that you can count on for years to com

M200507.5 / 109200 / 25034.3 / 1211400 / 157193 / 76215 / 843930 / 8664
M250507.5 / 109250 / 35043.9 / 1550400 / 157193 / 76215 / 844688 / 10336

Small Reciprocating Air Compressors:

For eight decades, Ingersoll Rand has maintained a delicate balance between known performance and new technology developments to manufacture world class reciprocating air compressors. With a proven design and stellar track record, the Ingersoll Rand reciprocating compressor family has earned worldwide recognition for reliable, trustworthy performance that saves money and enhances business success through:

  • Lower life cycle costs
  • An ability to thrive in punishing applications
  • Configurations that meet varying needs
  • Optimum solutions for greater efficiency


Our cumulative experience with how different users prefer, need and operate their compressors has taught us what is most important to compressor users. And that means more choices for our customers to satisfy their specific needs