SMART UP 7.5-11 kW/10-15 hp | 4-37kW / 5-50hp | 5.5-30kW / 7.5-40hp VSD:

Small rotary compressors are available in 4-37 kW (5-50 hp) sizes with fixed or variable speed options. Ingersoll Rand small rotary compressors provide whisper quiet and efficient operation that yields up to 35% energy savings. Utilizing design simplicity and Ingersoll Rand’s legendary reliability, you can maximize your productivity with a small rotary compressor.

Ingersoll Rand’s range of reliable, small rotary screw compressors are more than integrated air systems; they are complete air solutions. Available in sizes from 4-37 kW (5-50 hp), they are designed to maximize the key drivers of profitability in today’s business. They provide ultimate reliability to maximize your productivity.

They are also extremely energy efficient providing measurable energy savings:

  • Maximum operating flexibility to meet your individual site needs
  • Fixed speed and variable speed options available
  • Whisper quiet operation with sound levels as low as 65 dB(A).
  • Highly efficient operation provides Up to 35% energy savings
  • Optional Total Air System provides high quality filtered and dried air in one integrated package
  • Lowest power consumption at start-up, full load, and part load conditions
  • Inherent reliability through elimination of wear parts and simplicity of design