The silent series is a Super Silent Electric Driven Air Compressors set with a sound proof acoustic enclosure. It offers a cost effective and perfect solution to the problem of noise pollution. The advanced acoustic engineering employed in attenuating noise also saves on the expenses for building up a separate room for the Air Compressor

The meticulously designed and CNC (Amada) Turret punch press and hydraulic press brake manufactured body constructed from folded sections is rigid in form and aesthetic in looks. The weatherproof enclosure is corrosion resistant and is made out of cold rolled steel duly surface treated, phosphates and finally powder coated long lasting finish.


We can offer an extensive range of new and secondhand Air Compressors from stock. We are dealing with the sale of our Air Compressors with capacity up to 1500 CFM. D.G sets with higher capacities are also provided as per the request. Our Air Compressors  are manufactured considering all the aspects of its functions and thus avoid any chances of complaints from the user side. They are soundproof and silent Air Compressors  that relieve you from the worries of noisy power supply.

All sizes available from 50 Cfm up to 1500 Cfm Diesel Driven and 0.5 hp to 40 hp Electric Driven Air Compressors . Call with your requirements.

Rental Air Compressors:

Reddy Compressors  cares about our partners’ business as much as ours. We help our partners to succeed by providing most competitive Air Compressors in rental market. Whatever your need is, we would like try our best to meet you need.

Reddy Compressors meets rental Air  needs by providing most economical and clean rental market for various applications, including:

  • Complete solution including product specifications, delivery, start-up, fueling and operation.
  • Dependable Air Compressor Rental units.
  • Reliable, pre–integrated systems with engines, Compressor End, monitoring controls, automatic transfer switches equipment.
  • Rental Compressorsmarket configured units in an easy–to–operate interface allowing quick Air Pressur changes – maximizing flexibility and minimizing setup.
  • Accessories including fuel tanks, Air Compressor, Valve’s and Hose Pipe.
  • Maintenance and operation by factory trained technicians


In order to meet the growing demands from our customers for Air Compressors rental services, we are now involved in the purchase of old Compressor of capacity up to 1500 CFM. We have a dedicated unit of engineers who are to look after these machines and improve their performance if they do not meet our standards. If you wish to sell your old Air Compressor, you may contact us for the best deal available in Hyderabad ,Telangana,India.