Reddy Compressors has specialised in selling/Renting and servicing quality compressed air equipment’s, Electric driven air compressors Diesel Driven Air compressors ,for over 12 years. Our compressor products are designed to deliver to industry a quality product at reasonable prices. We are the leading supplier of air compressor products sales and Renting  for the industrial, professional, consumer and portable markets.

We offer a wide range of air compressors, automotive air compressors and automobile air compressors, which are of one stage, two stage and multi stage. Besides, our compressors are offered in different specifications of piston displacement, maximum pressure, motor power and air receiver. Supplied with complete line of standard accessories and optional accessories, our air compressors are meant for desired pressure compressed air requirement. These air compressors are air cooled, reciprocating and single acting. Our air compressors are designed for commercial and industrial usages.

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